ERECXEL MAGNA Bands are split rubberplastic rings with
both ends having teeth and cavities. To fasten the band, both ends
are interlocked together. This unique design permits easy band size
adjustment and allows its quick release from the penile shaft.

ERECXEL MAGNA Bands also have recessed bottom parts as
urethral groove for normal ejaculation to occur during use.
This band design is offered in 2 different band sizes,  Regular
and Large, for the user to choose from.

ERECXEL Magna has been vastly improved.

The new improve ERECXEL MAGNA is slightly thicker and has more
and better design fastening teeth. This allows for better constriction,
wider size adjustment (smaller minimum size, bigger maximum size) and keeps the band to remain firmly fastened during use even with personal lubricant. Its wider urethral groove pernits more intense ejaculation
even at maximum constriction.

ERECXEL MAGNA is also offered with a packet of personal lubricant to facilitate fastening its ends. A more detailed "How To Use Guide" is provided with helpful tips for ensuring a more effective and safer use of
ERECXEL MAGNA penile bands.

How  to use ERECXEL MAGNA Bands