2 innovative designs
for attaining maximum
erection size, rigidity
and duration

Proven-effective for
Penile Venous Leakage - 
the #1 cause of less than
satisfactory erection
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Penile Venous Leakage

How Do ERECTUS Rings Help Control
Penile Venous Leakage?

During erection, ERECTUS Rings provide a constrictive
pressure around the penile base that does not affect the penile
blood inflow but only restricts the blood from leaving the penis.
This results to the retention of more blood in the penis for
significantly bigger, more rigid and longer-lasting erection. 

ERECTUS rings are set around the penile base before
erection. Thus, they are able to help at the early stage of
erection when Penile Venous Leakage is very likely to occur.

ERECTUS Rings offer 2 design and application versions
to help control Penile Venous Leakage as illustrated below: 

create a constrictive pressure around the
penile base in front of the scrotum  when the
penis increases in size during erection.

This constrictive pressure keeps the
blood that gets into the penis during an
erection from flowing back into the body
too soon - resulting in a bigger, harder
and longer-lasting, satisfactory erection.
create the same constrictive effect around
the penile base and at the area behind the scrotum when the penis increases in size during erection.

This constriction highly improves the
erection and also prevents penile retraction
for maximum penile length during  erection.

ERECTUS Rings Also Compliment
Impotent Treatment Devices and Medications
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ERECXEL MAGNA Ring may be used as the constrictive
accessory device for erection inducing vacuum pumps.
Either band may be used to control penile venous leakage
for erection generated by impotence drugs or medications.
However, consult your doctor before using ERECTUS Bands
with any impotence treatment device or medication.

Are ERECTUS Penile Rings Safe to Use?

ERECTUS Rings are designed as non-adjustable rubberplastic
rings and are offered in different diameter sizes. This permits
choice of ring size for one's comfort and safe use. These
rings are offered with packets of premium personal
lubricant for easy setting and release from the penis.

ERECTUS Rings are made in USA of safe-to-use, latex-free
smooth rubberplastic. Direction for its proper use and adequate
product safety information are provided with its packaging.
ERECTUS Rings are washable and
durable enough for multiple use.

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How  to use ERECTUS Rings